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The Zippy Tie Man cable ties are a large wholesale stockist of specialty cable ties. Providing the largest variety of cable ties in quality, size, colour and quantity. We know that quality counts and our amazing speed and reliable services sets us apart from all others. Whilst our company is based in Australia, we at Zippy Tie Man are also proud to have achieved a significant international customer base.

With the largest range of Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Black, White & Colour Cable Ties, we want to be your sole cable ties suppliers with an outlet located near you for our affordable products and outstanding customer services.

We can assure you with a one hundred per cent guarantee that we stock only the highest quality cable ties in the most cost efficient and budget friendly way and our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority! At Zippy Tie Man, you come first!

About Zippy Tie Man Products

Here at Zippy Tie Man, we offer you a great range of cable ties, all of which are manufactured from nylon PA 66 and contain a flammability rating of UL94 class V2, UV resistant. This means each of the cable tie sizes is tested according to its strength to ensure safer and more durable cable ties.

This is why we beat our competitors by defining and maintaining the highest standards for all our cable ties, exceed customer expectations and strive for your utmost satisfaction!

Our stainless steel cable ties use a unique ball locker mechanism, which allows quick and easy installation both either manually or with the help of a stainless steel cable tie gun.

These cable ties can be utilised at temperatures up to approximately 538 degrees Celsius! Amazing isn’t it?

Here is a list along with the details of the many products we cater and supply to our customers:


Zippy Tie Man terminals, crimps and lugs are made from pure copper or brass tin coating, meeting the high demands and needs of our Australian and international clientele base. Very thorough research has been undertaken to supply only the best quality products at the most competitive price alongside the most reliable and recognised name in the Cable Ties wholesale industry. Our main concern is to provide the best so as to ensure customer satisfaction and value for money.


Zippy Tie Man 304 stainless hose clamps are specifically designed with a wide range alongside guaranteed quality and reliability. These Stainless Steel Cable Ties and clamps are manufactured after thorough research and development (R&D) quality standards, thus to provide an upgraded and updated range of market leading clamp products. These products are mainly used in the automotive and repair industry as well as the marine and other naval industries. We assure you that the stainless steel clamps available at Zippy Tie Man-Cable Ties Wholesalerwill exceed all your car needs and expectations.



Heat shrink tubing provides very top-notch electrical insulation, while providing protection from other elements that may prove damaging such as water, dust, solvents and other minerals and materials. This helps protect automobiles and vehicles from harmful and damaging heat extremities hence by the name, heat shrink. These heat protector tubes are also used to repair the insulation on wires or too great a bundle by joining together these wires, which helps in protecting cable wires and small parts from minor or possibly major abrasions. The heat shrink tubing are of superior quality, flame resistant tubes manufactured and designed solely by Australia and Australian quality raw materials, available both in cut meter lengths and reels according to the requirement of the customer.


Coloured Cable Ties are one of the specialties of our wholesale company. Yes we have them all, providing the largest colour palette range to choose from for your cable ties in Australia. Many of coloured cable ties are currently being used in some of the largest Australian hydraulic & mining companies. Not only had this but our coloured cable ties are also used by certified chains for large crane companies. We have it all, from blackest of blacks, purest of whites and our classical stainless steel collection. You name it!


As intriguing as a pair of officer handcuffs, these babies are in high demand in Australia’s largest hydraulic & mining companies as well as its international based clients. Not only this but our dual handcuff cable ties are also widely used in truck companies and truck mechanical repair workshops. These cable ties are used to separate hydraulic lines apart to avoid them from rubbing against other hoses and each other. They are also used to separate air conditioner lines, heating hoses and wiring harnesses used in different company functions. Dual handcuff cable ties have the special feature of having a hole in the centre of the cable tie that is used to bolt on to the chassis of trucks, machines, and stabilise hoses and wiring.


Zippy Tie Man offer an extensive range of Stainless Steel Cable Ties of different sizes, lengths and for different types of applications and usage. These are specially designed and manufactured using 304 and 316-grade stainless steel. Not only are they corrosion resistant but they are also resistant to different weather conditions, chemical exposure, climate environments and harsh conditions either indoor, outdoor or underground, depending on where they have been installed. These special stainless steel cable ties have an in-built ball locker mechanism that enables speedy yet easy installation that can be done by hand or with the help of the special stainless steel cable tie gun. These cable ties have the withstanding resistance of up to approximately 538 degrees Celsius and also have the unique ability of breaking strain up to an estimated figure of one 122 kilograms. Our products definitely stand out in the market and will win over your needs and expectations of a cable ties wholesaler supplies!


These are some of our main products however our services are not just limited to this. Yes, we have more. We offer an extensive variety on many other products that are needed by our customers. With high demand and sales, these other cable ties and materials include, cable tie mounts, Nylon Cable Ties, cable tie guns, Dual- Wall Heat Shrinkable tubing, German hose clamps, Nylon Cable Ties, solar panel wire clips, and much more. We literally have all you need under one roof, so what are you still waiting for? As stated in our logo and mission statement, w at The Zippy Tie Man will surely never let you down!


Zippy Tie Man cable ties are of great quality and are highly reliable and durable to make sure it serves its job well for whatever purpose it is installed and utilised. We understand your needs and requirements and go out of the way to fulfil them so to gain your trust and customer loyalty in us. There is a reason we have established our name within such a large clientele, both locally and nationally. Thousands of customers and companies around the world come to use for our outstanding quality and wide variety range of cable Ties and parts. Be it for your truck or personal vehicle, your factory or household operations, our cable Ties are what you need to complete your gadgets and functioning. We make sure each item we sell you is not only of the best quality, but is free of any faults and is long-lasting with high durability and warranty on every purchase. That is a tempting offer you will rarely find anywhere else. This is what makes us unique. We make sure to facilitate your project or task, big or small, with our products and services, making our mutual relationship stronger and your buying experience worthwhile.


With cable ties available in different colours, sizes, materials and specifications, we are a one-stop shop for all your cable ties needs. Come and explore the best of the best at your nearest Zippy Tie Man-Cable Ties Wholesale Outlet, engaging with personal attention given by our highly qualified and trained sales man and representative who provide their undivided attention and vast information on your specific need, depending on your situation and requirement and also your personal preference and spending budget to find the perfect fit for your cable tie needs. We are at your service and provide one hundred per cent customer fulfilment, just tell us what you want and we will make that happen. We are experts and know how to supply you with the best as well as help you install these cable ties where and when needed. Our products and services are not only available in vast range of cable ties, but are also flawless, as we ensure we provide you with the best or nothing. That is our aim at Zippy Tie Man, and we always live up to it.

More About Zippy Tie Man Company

Our company is a brand you can definitely trust for your all your cable tie needs and demands. No, we are not joking, seeing is believing, and once you see you will be mesmerised as we are the professionals and experts to cable ties. We have a lot in store for you that you will not only struggle to find elsewhere but will not be able to find a suitable replacement as our quality and standards have raised the bar too high for even older competitors to overtake. We not only provide class, but the highest quality and customer satisfaction reviews that you’ll simply not find anywhere else. Wither nationally in Australia or internationally in franchise outlets located in the Australia, we can assure ourselves apart from all other contenders in the cable tie industry.

Out products are not only high on unique features and distinction but also style. Yes, our cable ties come in a multitude of different cable tie sizes, colours and materials such as nylon and metals. We know all our customers have varying taste and work our utmost best to provide the largest variety cable ties possible for our clients to choose from, catering to their individual preference accordingly as even the smallest detail matters most to us. Customer satisfaction is our core purpose and element and we have established our name and popularity in the industry because of these hallmarks. Trust no other, trust us. We will not only provide excellent quality products but amazing customer services that are available as per your time and wish, only a dial away. Alternatively, you can easily visit your nearest convenient cable tie outlet. But this isn’t even the best part of our company deal. We assure you that each penny you spend on our products and services is a penny well spent. Yes, here at Zippy Tie Man-Cable Ties Wholesalers, we assure you money and product value or, else, a money-back guarantee with our refund policy. In addition, all our merchandise and equipment is available at the most cost-efficient pricing to make sure you receive top-class quality at the most cost-friendly budget possible. No wonder we are regarded as one of Australia’s best cable ties company!



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