Crimp Terminals

Sold in Packs of 50

The millions of Zippy Tie Man terminals, Crimps and Lugs that have given many years of service, are ample proof of the testing and research that went into their design and manufacture. Zippy Tie Man compression crimping produces crimps for a given size wire and terminal that are precisely alike in appearance and performance. Types Include: – non insulated, Pre-Insulated – Complete with PVC insulated barrel.
Zippy Tie Man lugs are pure copper tin coasted and crimps terminals are either pure copper or brass and tin coated and meet all Australian and Overseas standards. Thorough research has been done to supply the highest quality in the market and offer the best price and the best service ever. We want you to be satisfied on the product that you are buying.

Crimping is a technique that can produce reliable, long lasting joint, efficiently and easily with very little training.

**Please note colours are ONLY an example and due to photo and screen resolution may not represent the correct colour **
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