Dual Handcuff Cable Ties 12.7mm x 490mm (50 Item Pack)


Dual Handcuff Cable Ties

Our Dual Handcuff Black Cable Ties – 12.5mm x 490mm (50 Item Pack) are now in some of the largest hydraulic companies around. Zippy Tie Man Dual Handcuff Cable Ties are used to separate Hydraulic lines apart to stop rubbing of hoses. Also our Dual Handcuff Cable Ties are now being used in truck companies & truck mechanical repair work shops. They are used to separate air conditioning lines, heater hoses & wiring harnesses. A special feature of the Dual Handcuff Cable Tie is that it has a hole through the centre of the cable tie so it can be bolted to the chassis of trucks, machinery to stabilise all hoses & wiring.

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